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Spaying & Neutering


ACF now has two options for the public in its spay/neuter programming:

1.  Small volume, weekly neutering:

The procedure cost is as follows:  All species, all sexes:  $125.00 which includes the surgery, microchip implantation ( unless the patient already has one), postoperative antibiotics and postoperative pain relief.  Additional labwork and procedures are available but not required.  See add ons at the bottom for more information

Species:  dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, companion pigs under 100 lbs

Minimum ( and recommended ) age:  6 weeks of age

There is no added cost for cryptorchids, uterine infections.



We currently perform only 2 to 3 surgeries per day on Monday and Tuesday at the Oahu site.

Drop off is the day of surgery between 11 am and 12noon.  Patients should be fed at 11 pm or close and should start fasting at midnight.  Continue giving water throughout the night.  Surgery is started at noon the following day.  Most patients will go home the evening of surgery around 6:30pm, but some will be required to stay to the following day if the doctor feels they can not be safely released to guardian’s care.  We will recommend that you call around 4 pm to see how your animal is waking up postoperative and if (s)he can go home that night.  All postoperative patients are monitored while in our care.



ACF is now doing high volume, low cost neutering for 60 – 70 animals on scheduled days.  Please email or see for more information.  We schedule these weekly or biweekly.

The cost is $30 for cats and $65 for dogs and all other species.  We do not do pigs on these days but can accommodate rabbits and rodents.  The same services as above apply.  You will drop off early in the morning and will need to wait potentially until 10 pm to pick up animals as they are scheduled throughout the day and evening according to species and size.  However, as this is a little less convenient, it is meant to be affordable for those who can not manage the $125 fee.




ACF does not do pregnant spays. We will be happy to do Mom and babies once old enough, however, so please plan accordingly.

C-sections can be performed for rescues. Please think ahead and establish a relationship with us before bringing us a mother in difficult labor. For the public, C-sections can be performed; they will be at regular cost ( on average $1500 to $2000).

Mothers will be spayed during all C-sections, no exceptions.


Financial considerations:

We do offer payment options through care credit (  We are also a Pet Assure clinic, offering 25%off all services not previously discounted.  Spaying and neutering is a discounted service.  We write off over $200 in service costs for every surgery.

We happily fill out all insurance paperwork as well for your reimbursement.



Email: for regular programming for event programming or



Umbilical hernia repair:  $25 to $75

Deciduous canine / other tooth removal:  $20 per tooth

Removal of dangling dewclaws ( the ones without the hard bony attachment that flap around) or double jointed dewclaws ( these have bony attachements but stick up and forward):  $25 per dewclaw with a bandaging charge of $40.45 per pair ( front or hind each).  ACF removes these as they are a danger for getting caught and ripped off painfully.  We do not cosmetically remove regular dewclaws.  These can be trimmed or consider softpaws.

pre operative bloodwork:  $79.90

Removal of other tumors within reason especially for older dogs:  cost depends on size and complicators:  please ask for an estimate or set up a pre surgery examination to better assess

Pedicure:  $21.05

Bath prior to procedure:  Averages $40 to $80 depending upon size of animal and length of hair

Elizabethan collars to stop those licking types from bothering the suture site:  $7 to $20 depending on size of collar

Post operative sedatives ( pain relief provides some sedation commonly but really hyper dogs sometimes benefit from a little more during recuperation):  $17.95

Softpaws administrations ( great alternative to declawing):  $ 44 for fronts only; $64 for front and back feet

No cosmetic or debarking, declawing surgeries are performed by ACF staff for any reason other than medically necessary procedures.



Full dental cleanings:  $450.00 including extractions if necessary

We are happy to provide estimates for routine procedures but commonly will require an examination prior to surgery day for tumors and other specialty considerations.