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Monetary donations to the foundation in any amount are always greatly appreciated, and are used to provide animals in our care with food, medicine, and any necessary veterinary services. These donations can be made securely through PayPal using the form below or in person at our Hawaii Kai office. We are a registered 501c(3) nonprofit, so any donations to our organization can be deducted in your annual tax filing. Donation letters are available upon request for any amount.

Donations of dog and cat food, water and food bowls, towels, sheets, and blankets, toys, treats, beds, leashes, and collars are also always accepted and welcomed. Especially large bath and beach towels, which we go through quite a lot of as bedding for patients’ and boarders’ kennels. We can almost always use small plastic shopping, produce, or bread bags (clean, no holes) and newspaper for potty patrol and litterboxes, so feel free to give these to us if you aren’t already recycling them.

Items can be dropped off to the foundation or mailed to us, at your convenience. We typically have “wish list” cards in the reception area of our office with a list of these items, if you’d like to go shopping for us, or even distribute them for a mini-donation drive at work or in your neighborhood!

Some of these “essentials,” and other items we wish we could have are on our Wish List, so if you’re feeling extra generous, please check it out!

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If you would like to donate something else, please visit our contact page and contact us using that information.

Thank you!